教科書は難しくあるべき?!Learning difficulties

The Economist誌におもしろい記事があった。それは読んで簡単にわからない文章こそ、記憶に残りやすいという話。「教育のパラドックスは、情報を学びやすいように提供することによって逆の結果になることだ。多くの研究によると、人は一生懸命考えさせられることによって、しっかりと覚えるようになる」。



Read an interesting article in the Economist magazine. The article says: "A pradadox of education is that presenting information in a way that looks easy to learn often has the opposite effect.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that when people are forcexd to think hard about what they are shown they remember it better." 

The article reminded me of what a well-known japanese author said about his writings. Hideo Kobayashi wrote (somewhere I do not remember, because I read it maybe 30 years ago!) that his readers get more "benefits" from his books because his sentences are hard to understand and the readers end up reading the same sentences repeatedly.

Learning difficulties