One month after the 3.11 disaster.

Yesterday marked one month after the 3.11 disaster. One thing for sure is that we cannot go back to "before 3.11". The power of natural forces are way beyond our imagination. It killed almost 30,000 people, most of who were living in the northern Japan. I wrote to my friend in the US to imagine 9.11 and the Three Miles Island disaster taking place simultaneously, but I have to admit there is a big difference between 3.11 and 9.11. In 3.11, there is no human enemy. We had only the earthquake and the tsunami. No humans to blame or flight back. In our history, we had many natural disasters and we learned to be worried about the nature and learned to be humble in front of its power.

We are having aftershocks every day. In Japanese, aftershocks and foreshocks happen to have the identical pronunciation, though we use different characters to mean "after" and "fore". I sincerely hope that what we are experiencing are the aftershocks of 3.11 earthquake, and not the foreshocks to something unknown to us.