Met with the US Ambassador Roos in Tokyo.


I had an interesting chance to visit US Ambassador Roos in his office today.  I was with WPO/YPO members and the ambassador was kind enough to meet with us for one hour.

He used to represent the biggest technology focused law firm in Sillicon Valley. He showed a strong interest to foster entrepreneurship in Japan, which is quite natural given his background.

One of the participatns was from Hiroshima with his father and mother being the victim of the A-bomb.  He expressed his personal gratitude to the Ambassador for his visit to the annual peace ceremony in Hiroshima on August 6 this year.

I asked him a couple of questions (how he is going to measure his success as the ambassador, what he likes about Japan).

We had to leave all the gadgets with battery (mobile phones, electric dictionary, videos, everything!) at the entrace door, which was the only unnecessary part of the visit, but overall, I had a very interesting visit.  I was lucky to be sitting very close to Ambassador Roos and had a chance to shake hands at the end.