"More people die from self-pity than AIDS." (from "Allan")

There is a wonderful photo exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography until the first week of December. The museum carries two or three exhibitions at the same time, but the one I was moved is titled "Love's Body". A Chinese Australian photographer named William Yang's 19 photographs from the monologue "Allan" is at the beginning of the exhibition.

Yang's past lover, Allan, dies from AIDS. When the photos were taken, they were just friends, not lovers any more. In every photo, Yang's monologues are shown below photos. In one of the photos, Yang quotes Allan who said "I think more people die from self-pity than AIDS." Allan who is dying from AIDS stops taking drugs and decides to accept the fact that he is dying.

So many people with self-pity in our country. Though they seem to be alive physically, maybe they are dying spiritually.