Useless data

Financial Times のコラムでこんなコメントが。(2010年1月18日、FTfm)
"Don't use Japanese experience as proof of anything." Many of us have fallen at this hurdle over the years. Just as the great equity bull market of the 1970s and 1980s powered on beyond any possible rationalization, so too the subsequent 20-year period has been full of commensurate disappointments. The Japanese economic experience of the last 40 years serves only to demonstrate that Japan, for reasons that are open to analysis, marches to different rules from almost every other market, society and economy.
It is the exception to almost every rule in the book.
バブルのときの日本も、バブル崩壊後の日本も、この40年間の日本経済は、歴史的に見ても(欧米の投資常識からすると)説明がつかない。そんなuseless data をつかって、バブル崩壊後のアメリカの金融市場が、日本と同じようなパターンをたどっていくと想定するのは、意味ないことだと、この後話しはつづいていました。